"Oh, the streets of Rome are filled with rubble, Ancient footprints are everywhere.

You can almost think that you're seein' double on a cold, dark night on the Spanish Stairs."

- Bob Dylan, When I Paint My Masterpiece.

Well kids and fans of the snow world.

Sorry to rain on you parade, but for the last month I have been shredding epic powder. With the help from my good friends and associates Pep Fujas, Michelle Parker, Dash Longe and Jordan Seldin the adventures have been endless. Not to forget the lucky campers that followed our every turn with nothing but a grin from chin to chin.

This is my fourth season of living in Argentina...if you're not already aware. I believe Argentina is an adventure for the open hearted. Those who come with expectations or comparisons to their home vs. living here, have a hard time finding themselves.

Either way...I will continue to return to Argentina as long as I can walk. Even then I'll be sure to return. If you are interested in joining my army at South America Snow Sessions, check out our website at http://www.sasnowsessions.com

Until next time, here are some photos courtesy of Ashley Barker to soothe your summer beast... - Garrett Russell

The sunrise comes a little bit later here in Bariloche Argentina. 8:30 am+/-

Just a little taste of the delicious Andes Mountains here in Argentina.

A few of the coaches you can ride with. (left to right) Jordan Seldin, Michelle Parker, Garrett Russell, and local Nico (suave) Alba.

Nico Alba getting a little suave.

Camper, Matty (Fro) dropping the poles and grinding some wood.

Camper, Mel Young showing the girls how 180s get done.

Uh oh, Michelle doesn't mess around, you better watch out!

My roommate and SASS ski guide from Silverton Co, Alex Hunt attempting to be a cool jibber.

Alex showing us all how them San Juan Pirates really get down.

Jordan Seldin loves doing rodeos for Satan.

Why conform and ride the same jump everyday when you make your own and learn switch right 5's?

A new generation of warriors, SASS Ski campers session 2

Oh yeah, I do 180's for the love of it.