Colby James West is a funny guy, but he's a funny guy with three Winter X Games medals. Colby's well-known for impressions and now does voiceover work, mainly in skiing, snowboarding, and cycling. Like almost everyone at the moment, he's quarantining/isolating/social-distancing, so here's his guide to getting through this tough time:

Where are you now and how 'locked down' is it?

Right now I’m in my garage in Hermosa Beach, California. It’s pretty locked down here, they closed down the beach, the piers, and all that sh*t, but I don’t know, I just hang out at home really. Everyone seems kind of bored but I’m like: ‘F*ck I’ve got so much sh*t to do!’

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you pick?

Well in general, I really want to go to India, but probably not for quarantine! If I could be anywhere right now, maybe New Zealand? There wouldn’t be too many people around!

Are you completely isolating or do you have anyone to keep you company?

My girlfriend lives four blocks away and we kind of decided early on that if one of us was going to get it, we’d both get it, so we’d quarantine together. She has her own place, I have my own place, so we just kind of go back and forth.

Ok, if you could be stuck with anyone alive or dead...

I’d say maybe Bill Murray. If he couldn’t go anywhere and I couldn’t go anywhere I guess we’d have some pretty good conversations.

What are you listening to?

Punk is what I’ve been listening to really, so a lot of NOFX.

and watching...

Right now we’re watching Rick and Morty

How are you passing time, are you staying pretty active?

Haha not really! I play a lot of video games, I work on my car. I mean I do have my bicycle and I just learned how to do wheelies. Plus I have my motorbike, which is also fun, so I guess you could say: ‘doing wheelies’!

Quarantine wheelies!


What are you eating?

My girlfriend’s a really good cook, so last night we had steak. I eat a lot of Snus, but I don’t know if that counts for eating.

and drinking


What type of people are you glad to keep your social distance from

You know when you have a roommate that doesn’t do the dishes? I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a house or something with someone who doesn’t keep the common area clean. If we’re going to be stuck here, I don’t want to be stuck in someone else’s sh*t!

What's the first thing you’ll do when this is over?

I’ll probably go sailing, just here in Redondo/Hermosa. One of my buddies has a big ol' f*cking 60ft boat that I'm sort of on the crew for. Last summer we did a bunch of races, but we obviously can't do that now. That's what I'm gonna do!

Do you have any advice for NS about how to get through this time?

I think people should definitely take the chance to get on with projects. My house is a little two-bedroom cottage. It’s tiny, so I can’t fit in a normal-sized couch in. I’ve tried three or four different couches. During quarantine I was like: ‘F*ck it, I’m gonna make my own couch!’

I went to the hardware store and got all the tools I needed and I built a couch from three different couches that fits in the corner of my house. I call it Frank because it’s a Frankenstein couch.

I ran out of material for the couch so I took one of my old tall-tees, it’s got some crazy skeleton, scary-looking dude and use that for one of the cushions.

Colby and Frank


So basically just find something to do. Jossi Wells used to live in California, a couple of years ago, and when he went back to New Zealand he left a bunch of sh*t at my house. I’m actually sitting underneath his surfboard and there’s his chopper over here that he built and rode. The most valuable thing that he left is his sewing machine, so I sewed all the cushions with that.

I’ve also learned more piano, my buddy left his bass guitar and amp, so I’ve got all kinds of instruments. It’s a really good opportunity to cram yourself into something and do it over and over again until you’re really good at it.

Other than that, drinking is good…

Lest we forget...