It doesn’t take much work to surf the web and find a multitude of violent images and video clips from the G20 weekend here in Toronto. Without a doubt news agencies went after the violent persona of a few dozen hoodlums who were looking for attention, and the media gave them that much wanted attention.My goal with this small piece was to show a lighter side, or rather a glass half full, of the series of events that took place over the weekend, including the thousands of peaceful protestors who marched the streets of Toronto. I sought after the juxtaposed scenes of the weekend through the heat and rain, to give representation to a different side of the g20 than most saw. Audio:Justice – StressThis is my land – Toronto version original here: More of This Army Life – found here: Pippin LeeA Glass Half Full - G20 Slideshow from Pippin Lee on Vimeo.Check for full images!