I’ve been spending the past 4 summers here in the greater Mt. Hood area. There has always been the ever present need to climb to the top of the mountain I stare up at daily. Not for any reason in particular, but “because it’s there” – The famous quote about climbing Everest from George Mallory. This is in no way comparing the summit of Hood to Everest, but rather explaining the reason.

Being from Colorado, I get to the tops of peaks all the time, but out here they’re so much more out of reach. I was happy to get this done. The descent was hairy. Bumpy, steep and icy. Most certainly the longest run of my life. Enjoy the photos taken by Cody Booth and myself. That volcano is huge.


Halfway there.

Some Perspective.

Cody passing through the Pearly Gates.

Myself on top.

Cody looking over Hood River.