You might see all the sweet content from the West Coast Session and think it’s always sunny and beautiful, and that the doobies and brews are endless (the former might be), but the reality of running a ski event on the west coast means that we occasionally have a weather day. Yesterday, we think mother nature may have got an early start celebrating Cinco de Mayo, because she had all sorts of wild plans for the weather out here at Mt. Hood. The mountain was socked in with clouds and snow for most of the day, (who knew it still snows on the west coast?) Anyways, we weren’t able to do much skiing because of that. The following is what we were able to accomplish:

This is what it would have looked like if the sun had stayed out

6:32 AM We wake up to a loud boom, it sounds like someone just dropped a giant bucket of water on our roof, but the water kept running. Our water heater blew a hose and was spouting boiling hot water 6 inches up into the air.

6:43 AM The fire alarm is chirping at us, now, too, just a normal morning at the West Coast Session.

6:58 AM The water is finally shut off. For all of Windells. Not everyone got the memo, hilarious early morning shower attempts and maybe not so hilarious morning “business” must sit and wait to be flushed in the roadhouse, where all of the skiers are staying.

7:37 AM Wake up round two for breakfast.

7:49 AM Look at the Palmer webcam, visibility is zero, we are not “above the clouds” as said by the always optimistic event organizer Brandon Pastucka.

9:05 AM The skiers convene in the roadhouse, motivation is low.

9:22 AM Dale "We definitely can't sit in here all day," everyone laughs because they know they can, and just might.

9:53 AM I can’t take it in the roadhouse much longer, I retreat to media cabin in search of clean air.

10:58 AM Lungs rejuvenated and emails sent, I return to the roadhouse. Other than a possible game of musical chairs (good couch spots are coveted) there has been very little movement.

11:06 AM EHeath goes back to bed, the outlook on the day is grim.

11:42 AM BOOM. The water heater blew again, hopefully this is the last time.

11:51 AM People finally begin to mobilize. Some head to Portland for movies and food, others head indoors for bowling and the last group organizes the official unofficial WCS Disc Golf Tournament, loser buys the tequila for the night. Evan Heath lost, sorry bro.

2:50 PM We return to Windells from the store, Tim Windell is our plummer. The water heater blows for the third time now, I think we’re cursed.

4:38 PM Jamie (1337) and Freeskier photo editor Kjell nerd out to youtube videos for hours. Fuck Jerry entertains us until dinner. We’re all the way back at September 2014, we’ve reached the beginning of the page, thank god its time for dinner.

6:20 PM Taco Tuesday on Cinco de Mayo? This is what we’ve been training for.

6:47 PM Although the tequila may have already been flowing we are engaged in a really fascinating conversation with Matt Walker about skiing and media. We talk about the past and how to fix the problems we see. We’re now sober, but smarter maybe.

8:49 PM We don’t need no stinking limes.

9:17 PM This is where things begin to get blurry.

10:13 PM The WCS stalwartand unofficial winner of the “Repeat Offender” award, the sink bong emerges from hibernation. I hope you were following on Snapchat for this one.

12:18 AM

9:26 AM Today, I have to look back at the snapchat story to try and piece together the rest of the night. WCS always falls over Cinco de Mayo; throw a downday into the mix and its no holds barred. We’re hoping to get back up on hill today, hopefully the weather clears, or I’ll be fearing for my health. The forecast looks pretty good for the rest of the week, so things are looking up, we should get another session in on the big jump and that sunset shoots that we have all grown to love over the years. Until then, I’m going to go back to bed and pray that the clouds, natural or otherwise, are gone when I wake up.