Ski coach Collin Collins has been a staple of the Windells ski program for half a decade. Originally from Sun Valley, Idaho, Collins now spends his winters in Salt Lake City and after shredding Park City and Alta all winter with the Saga and 4bi9 crews, he heads west for summer in the green woods and slushy snow of Mt. Hood. Collin was nice enough to take a quick break from coaching to tell us about his winter, the new Windells park and his favorite things about camp.

Eric Hoffman photo


Who are you riding for right now?

K2, Full Tilt, Saga, Smith, Evo

How was your winter?

It was a good winter, not the best in terms of snow, but I made lemonade outta lemons. Since I spend most my time seeking out backcountry features and shredding pow, it was a little disappointing on that end. But I had a couple great trips, got a bit of footage, and all-in-all it was really fun.

Chip Kalback photo

How long have you been working for Windells?

This is my 5th summer coaching here at Windells!!!

And now you?re out here all summer?

Yep, all summer long, can’t really beat the funnest place on earth.

We hear that the Windells park is bigger than ever and that Mt. Hood has a ridiculous amount of snow?should we believe the hype?

Believe the hype. Windells park is HUGE and offers something for every ability level. It’s really long and just packed full of features. I’ve never seen it looking so dreamy. There’s no better place to be than Mt. Hood right now.

What?re your top 5 favorite things about camp?

5. Dodgeball with campers.

4. Hearty meals, morning and night.

3. Cruising the best skatepark in the world

2. All my friends here crushing it on the glacier and in the skatepark.

1. And of course hitting perfect slushy jumps and perfecting tricks in the summer sun.

I?m running out of good music and need some suggestions. What?re you listening/skiing to these days?

Ah, haha. well, just to name a few: Pusha T, A$AP Rocky, and appropriately, Boyz n Da Hood. Also some Gramatik, Poliça, and Santigold for those good vibes.

Anything else you want to add? Millions of people are reading this interview so don?t be shy?

Well I’m pretty shy and I’m out of things to say, haha. Come spend some time on the glacier for the best summer of your life! Oh and look out for “K2 Summer School” webisodes dropping soon. Thanks!