words & video by Jeff Loewe

October 10th, 2007 The Infamous "White Ribbon of Death" opens to the Colorado public. This is the earliest Arapahoe Basin as ever started rolling it's lifts. The masses came out from everywhere to take a few good turns on the white stuff.

Many students were quoted saying, "my mom and dad are awesome for letting me skip school for this!" Several drove hours just to take a ONE run down the only open run in all of Colorado. Jibbers also showed up in good numbers as usual, probably only taking the lift up once then hiking the park for an entire day to avoid the gargantuous lift lines us Coloradan's face on a yearly basis when we flock to the slopes for the first day of the year.

At the end of the day its a great enviorment, and awesome experience and a good reminder to how much we love this sport! Its awesome to see so many people having fun on a single strand of snow, most of us would whine about half way through the year. Skiing on October 10th, is deffiantely a new experience considering the weather was sunny and 80 just 60 miles down in Denver!



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