I just got back from another little visit to London after heading down to watch the London premiere of 9191 which is the latest video offering from Volcom focusing on the travel life of Gigi Ruf. It was cool watching a snowboard movie on a cinema screen and getting to watch Gigi is always a pleasure. I felt it relied a little heavily on footage from Absinthe movies with the feeling that i’d seen a lot of it before but it was still great viewing.

Once the movie was done i managed to spend quite a bit of time over in East London checking out the latest street art offerings with great work from Roa, Stik, Anthony Lister and Invader plain to see. To see some of the work Roa does is brilliant. A squirrel at the end of the road, a bird taking up a whole building. It just seems to fit. He often builds up the layers of his murals with the organs, skeleton etc built into the artwork but we only see the outer shell, so to speak. Great stuff.

On a slightly seedier note, a walk through the streets of Soho is always a fun way to kill 10 minutes.