More is not necessarily better.

Take one look at the freeski shredder Luke “Ocho” Allen rip it up in the park, and you’d agree: his 2 toe deficit is no hinderance whatsoever. Luke was born with 2 sets of 4 toes, instead of the usual 5 per foot. The nickname “Ocho” was coined by his sophomore college roommate for that very reason.

Less is More.


Ocho took on the job of head coach at Windell’s Camp at Mt. Hood last season when Witt Foster left that position. Ocho is back for another round this year with the same staff in tact, so anyone stoked on last year’s action will love it again this year. Anyone thinking about joining this year seems to be  – according to Google Places Reviews –  in for a very awesome experience.

Also, Shred will be heavily represented at Hood again this year. With plenty of gear around, as well as events and parties, etc… Shred and Mount Hood will be a perfect place to be this summer if you just can’t seem to get enough of the action snow sports! More details in the weeks ahead.