Halloween is this weekend, maybe you've planned and perfected your costume already. But if you're like most of us, you'll look into your closet on Saturday night or make a last minute trip to the thrift shop and wing something. Fear not! I've compiled this list of skiing-related costumes for you to whip up and show off.

Saucer Boy

Do you like Jack Daniels, snowblading, and have a saucer in your garage? Do you consider Squallywood synonymous with the Bible? Do you like getting RAD? If so, Saucer Boy just might be the right costume for you. Keep in mind that you have big shoes to fill, you must make everything you do extreme, and you have to tell everyone how extreme you're getting. Prepare yourself for this daunting task by pouring a glass of Jack and watching the film G.N.A.R.

A Gaper

Almost everyone and their parents have a neon onesie they break out for gaper day each spring. With snow falling all over the Rockies, this may just be the year to throw that back on and stay warm while you're out and about. To complete the Gaper, you must get in everyone's way, look confused, and maybe even fall over once or twice.

Pants Skiing

Why not be the guy from one of Newschoolers' most watched videos? This one is especially easy to recreate, reach into your drawer for a pair of boxers and show off those thighs-- make sure you run around all night with too much style, and maybe just skip the ender.

Lange Girl

You've seen the Lange Girl posters hung up in the back of your local ski shop. So slip into something more comfortable this halloween, perhaps some daisy dukes and Lange boots?


Go back in time to when there were more colors of tall t's in the park than choices in your box of crayons. This works especially well as a group costume- so you and your crew can go ahead pull those colorful outerwear kits out of hiding this weekend.

Don't have any friends? Opt for this more literal unisex solo-option.

Big Air Dave

Need a last minute costume? Do you have a blue hoodie and a loud voice? To master THE Big Air Dave you must be comfortable yelling for long periods of time, and jump off ALL medium sized features in your path.

Aspen Cougar

Look the part, act the part. Throw on a fur vest, some nice boots, and head over to check out the young ones a high school party.

Happy Halloween!