You finally made the move to a town in the mountains, looking forward to your first winter skiing, partying, and ultimately, living the best life ever. The only problem is: It's still the middle of summer and you have no idea if the town you are reading this in is actually going to be as awesome as you hope come ski season. The following are 6 signs that you are most likely in the right place when the snow starts flying.


Absurdly high highway signs.

Before you even drive into town, you notice the signs on the side of the highway are really, really high. This is a sure sign that the area you are in gets snow. A lot of snow.


Random and sometimes confusing no parking signs around town that, for the life of you, don't seem to have any rhyme or reason.

Towns that get a lot of snow fight a constant battle getting the stuff off the streets. Seeing these signs might not make sense at the time, but be glad that they exist, because it means that your town takes it's snow removal seriously. Not only is it a sign that it snows in town (did someone say night time urban missions?), but it also means that the town is most likely very quick to react when it starts to snow. Translation: There is a good chance you will be able to drive to the ski hill for first chair in the early hours of the morning after a big overnight dump. Score!


The Subaru's are taking over!

If you have noticed the number of Subaru's surrounding you on the streets while driving around, you're laughing. With their AWD, great snow traction, and ample room for friends and their gear, Subaru's make for great vehicles for people who live in snowy mountain environments. When you start to get Suby envy, don't worry. Odd's are someone is selling one just down the road from you as we speak.


Ski Culture is showing up everywhere

When you drive down main street and notice that the hotel in town is sponsored by a ski company, it's a sure sign that skiing is good here. On top of that, odds are there are more ski shops downtown than you have resume's for. Double score! Now all you have to do is become their friend to get a locals discount on all your purchases.


Yes, that is a truck with a sled in the back in August.

It's not super common, but when you see it, you'll know that people around you take their snow sports seriously. As to why some people leave their snowmobiles on the back of their trucks all summer is beyond me, but I think we can all agree that it represents something good.



Even if you haven't seen any of the fore mentioned signs while cruising around your new town, if you can see glacier covered mountains from town, it's the only sign you need. What better way to know that your area gets a lot of snow than looking up at beautiful alpine glaciers while walking along the river down at valley bottom. Besides the obvious (this place gets a lot of snow), areas where you can see glaciers from the valley usually mean that the season comes early, hits hard and stays late. While people in not so far off areas wait and wait for the snowpack to become big enough to finally get out for turns, you'll already be well into your ski season, with the early season rock ski days a distant past. And hell. If you have the skiing bug already, there's nothing stopping you from climbing up to said glacier and go for a few mid summer turns right now. Like right now.

Now. If you are reading this and wondering why you are surrounded by Ponderosa Pines, grassy fields, and there is a sign up sheet at the community centre for the local outdoor soccer league that starts up in January... well... you might want to relocate to a more suitable environment before all the best housing in the good mountain towns get taken in the fall.