Made another article that got good feedback for the Norwegian skimagazine, i have translated it to share with you:


The external factors can provide signals enough, you do not use a facemask because you have a beard is one example, or that you need to tape your knees before heading to the slopes, but it's what’s going on inside your head that really tells you that you are starting to get old .

1. You get paranoid; it's true, and inevitable. There comes a point in every parkrats life, where one learns to think about consequences. And that’s absolutely the worst thing to think about for a parkrat, since everything you do out there is potentially suicide. Even things that you learned before you began to think about consequences is paranoia, because now you realize what could happen, if it actually goes wrong, the more you think about that cork 9 you stomped a couple of years ago, the worse it becomes. Once you have analyzed your way to a certain broken neck, you’ll skip trying.

2. You begin to develop a love for rails. It is a result of point number 1, rails are simply less frightening, and moreover, you actually stand a chance landing a new trick on a small tuberail without risking your life! You have grown so high now, and the rails have become so low that it’s even difficult to crack your nuts!

3. You have developed a polite behavior in the park. You don’t drop in on people anymore, you get dropped in on. You do not laugh at people who yardsales, you stop and ask if they’re still live. And suddenly you see critters sneak past you in the lift line. You are a bit keen to raise your voice, but you don’t want to be a lame guy, and of course, you remember that the lift line went faster in the good old days, when you could just slip between the legs of people.

4. It is becoming difficult to get people to join the slopes. The ones you did shred with before has quit, they are busy doing other stuff, work, school and tinder sure, what do you know?Those who has not quit have moved out, they are traveling to the “real mountains”, to rent a cabin and rip the powder this weekend, and they refuse to pay 50 bucks for a day in the park and potential fractures. They cannot really afford it either, the new skis they bought did cost a fortune, and the price for those bindings that should have walking adaptions, patches on top of that again.

5. You are more chilled out, and are less stressed - As a result of the 4 previous points, of course. Alone where you stand, because your friends are in Alta or something, slowly but surely you realize that you just ski for your own enjoyment. There is nothing you just got to learn, because you'll be attending the regional championships later this winter, nor anything you gotta catch on tape. Because you won’t make a season edit, cause you haven’t learned anything new the past 3 winters. And moreover, it is always a teenager who have done it before you and reap all the respect. You just ski because it’s cool, simply. It is after all just skiing there’s talk about and you like to shred the park!

"If you don't land a double cork 1260 this year, you'll be one year older when you do!" - Warren Miller.

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