Learn the following 5 ski tricks:

00:30 Trick 1: How to Daffy butter

02:56 Trick 2: How to Worm turn

05:00 Trick 3: How to Natas spin

06:42 Trick 4: How to J-Walk spin

07:47 Trick 5: How to Nose block / Nose stall


To learn the sweet daffy butter start out using the poles pushing yourself up as you daffy. Feel how you have to use the muscles on the front of the leg on the front ski and the hamstrings on the rear leg.
Also, try it by popping without using the poles. See how long you can stay air born using the tail and nose to push yourself up.
Try the daffy butter while skiing at low speed. Pay attention to the rear skis nose that you do not over "daffy" so the tip of the ski gets stuck in the snow.
Warm up with a few normal 180s at low speed on the flat ground. Then try to combine the 180 with the daffy butter. Once you are more comfortable try it while carving in over a roller like in this photo. What is good with carving in is that it is easier to stay on the uphill edges. Doing this and accidentally catching the downhill edges will not be fun so be careful! When I spin to the left I prefer having the right ski in the front. You can do it both ways but I find this to be more naturall.
Worm turns are playful and silly but remember to empty your pockets, button up your snow lock and wear a jacket because you will get snowy!
Start out doing this standing still. While you ski slowly sit down almost on your tails and gently carve in the direction you wish to worm turn. Drag a hand in the snow and gently roll onto your hip then onto your stomach. Hold your head high so you don´t scratch your face on the snow.
On the stomach use the hamstrings to keep the noses up from the snow so the skis are almost horizontal.
When you put the skis down in the snow you can do so at a slight angle so the edges help you to stand up. At higher speed almost point the noses straight down the slope because the edges of the skis can grip the snow almost too much.
Natas spin come from skateboarding and it is when you spin standing still on an object like an iceball, tree stump or like here on the edge of this tube.
First times you try this to it on a safe object like this firm surface next to the slope. Lift the foot up and ride in with a bit of rotation winded up.
Put the foot down on the object and push off from the rear leg and sett of the rotation.
While on the object keep the feet close to each other and pull your arms in close to your body to speed up the rotation.
At the end of the spin pop of the object and it is rather easy to add an extra 180 of it.
J Spin J Walk spin or whatever its called is a really neat way to spin around to switch at LOW SPEED. Try this standing still lift one foot up and point the nose out towards the side. Pretend you are dragging the nose and dry to use the friction of the nose to twist around 180°
If you lean a bit forwards with shin pressure you will unweight the tail so it easily slides around. I am overdoing it a bit here because I have soft skis. You do not need to lift the tail up in the air like I do here by accident.
Never do this at high speeds because the nose really catches an edge on purpose. Pay attention to stayin on the up hill edge on the ski your riding on.
It will feel more controlled if you continue looking over the same shoulder during the whole trick.
Nose stall or nose block or nose pick. What is it really called?
Anyway... Start practising this standing still. Pop forwards and try to roll over the noses and up. Use the poles so you can spend a bit of time on the noses so you feel where the balance point is. In this photo I am leaning on to the poles and that is not the balance point.
The balance is easiest found where your body is vertical and you bend the legs a little less than 90° like this.
Have fun trying this on a flat bank.
Try try try and use the poles if you need them when doing it on a bank to switch.
If you want to try this I found it to be the easiest to do by setting off a gentle rotation in the beginning. You can also do it by going up in the nose block than do a late 180 but I could not do it in several tries.
I hope you enjoyed this video and will learn all of these tricks! If you land any one of these tricks post a video on instragram with the hashtag i stomped it #istompedit and follow @smartwool_europe and win a full merino base layer and socks.