So it's been awhile since my last blog so this one isn't going to anything insane. The 4th of July is all about our freedom, hot dogs, and fireworks. Well yesterday it was but mine had a unwanted surprise. So my friend and I were going to a bbq when my friend made a horrible mistake. He was driving and took a right turn and right away knew he had taken a wrong turn to he flips around and at that moment a big Dodge Ram 3500 hit us. It hit our car right in the front by the wheel. It smashed it horribly. Luckily we both had seat belts on. My friend hit his face on the windshield, I hit my neck on the corner of the head rest. So were both Ok but the people we hit were such dicks. They were a bunch of 18 year old rich snobs. The first thing they say is do you guys have insurance only worrying about their massive truck, while they saw my friends nose gushing blood. Well after about 2 hours of dealing with cops and hospital trips we were good to go. So we go eat some hot dogs and get to our local park for a firwork show. Well I always have my camera on me, so a bunch of my friends are walking when we walk right pass these super thuggin mexicans. I mean button down shirts with only the top button buttoned and bandanas and neck tattoos. Right when we go pass them I make sure my camera is on the strap tight. All of a sudden one of them grabs my shoulder and is like hey thats a nice Canon. I was thinking they were going to mug me. It turns out he was way into cameras so we talked for a minute about it and we were on our way again to find a spot to sit. So after about 30 minutes of walking I found a spot behind everyone so I could take some pictures. So we watched an hour of the crappiest fireworks I've ever seen at a firework show. After the fireworks we all piled into my friends truck. There was about 7 people in the bed and 3 in the front. Were driving in the jam packed traffic of patriotic mormons, when 2 kids in tie dye shirts with a box full of ice cream ask if we were going north. We were so we said hop in, they turned out to be way cool dudes and gave us ice cream so it was a win win situation. So it's about 1 in the morning when we get to my other friends house and start to light our fireworks. Well in Utah we have the ghetto fireworks as in sparklers snakes and anything that doesn't blow up. Well the day before my friend went to Wyoming and bought a ton of the good fireworks. So we made a huge m 80 out of some powder stuff and blew up a watermelon. That's about it for my 4th nothing to crazy but crazy non the less.