4FRNT Skis announces the release of four new web series. Each web series will contain 4 webisodes to be released over the course of the 2012-2013 ski season. 4FRNT will release a new webisode every Friday beginning this week and continuing through March 2013. The four series are aptly named Life, Tech Talk, Tips Up, and Outta Boundz.

Life seeks to showcase the inner workings of professional athleticism at its finest through vignettes of 4FRNT team riders. Each episode will expose the life of an individual dedicated to the progression of freeskiing. 4FRNT released a webisode featuring Wiley Miller today via social media channels, and 4FRNT TV which can be viewed on their website.

Tech Talk returns this year with straightforward topics and tools accessible to the average skier. 4FRNT attempts, and succeeds, in answering common questions on gearing up for the ski season, ski touring, ski tuning, and storing skis for the summer. The first Tech Talk will be released on 12/14/12.

Tips Up explains basic trick tips and techniques in a basic, deconstructed manner, which allows viewers to incorporate their own flair into spins, flips, butters and jibs. The first Tips Up webisode will be released 12/21/2012.

Outta Boundz presents a challenge of unknown terrain. The 4FRNT video team, using the Wasatch Backcountry Skiing Map by Steve Achelis, is essentially throwing darts and skiing where they land. The team could end up at the sickest pillow line known to man, or a devastatingly flat high alpine meadow, but wherever the GPS coordinates take them they will go and ski. They may not know what lies ahead, but will work with what they come across when they get there. The first Outta Boundz webisode will drop on 12/28/2012