Interview by Jeff Schmuck

How guys, how have you been? 

Steve Stepp: We’ve been really great actually, especially since the beginning of 2011. That’s when the majority of us began finishing college and started preppin’ for the real world…and by that I mean securing dead end jobs and skiing almost seven days a week. We’ve been especially stoked that Tom has been slaying the comp scene this year. It’s pretty cool to see one of your great friends making the highlight reels on ESPN. Not that we watch that shit anyway.

Andrew Napier: Yeah everything’s been going well! Most of us are finally done school now as Steve mentioned, which is real tight. It’s nice to finally be able to dedicate some time solely to skiing, filming and partying.

How has your season been so far, and what have you been getting up to?

Andrew Napier: Utah has had the worst snow conditions I’ve seen since I moved out here five years ago, but we’ve been trying to make things work with minimal snow, and so far everything’s been going well. Besides filming for the movie we’ve been riding PC a bunch, making edits, and doing a bit of traveling.

Steve Stepp: Yeah this season has been pretty rough to say the least. Utah has been hurting for snow in both the mountains and the city, which translates to a lot of park skiing and minimal filming for the movie. A few of us have sustained injuries including myself, Hurricane Holson and Dave Euler. Wyble’s knee was giving him some shit early in the season and Kutcher rocked his dome pretty good on our first urban session this winter. It’s been a rough start, but AJ and Napier have been really motivated to film even with the lack of snow. John Ware, Dale T, and Kutcher have racked a bunch of cool urban shots so far. We’re hoping for some late season pow to secure some BC jump footy, which would make the season a little better.

Tell us a little bit about your plans for this year's movie. Do you 
have a name for it yet?

Steve Stepp: Well like I said, filming has been less than optimal, but AJ and Napes are footie masters and will definitely put together a dope movie at the end of the season. Our urban season has pretty much come to an end, so we’re hoping for at least a little bit of snow at the end of this season. Spring park shoots will happen too, and those are always fun. The movie title is usually the hardest part of being a film crew. It’s a collaborative effort that usually starts and ends about two weeks before AJ makes the trailer in August. We’re leaning towards a title that reflects the bleakness of our season.

Andrew Napier: Yeah no name yet, we probably won’t figure that one out until sometime this summer. Besides filming with our regular crew we aren’t trying to change too much from last year. Since avalanches have been going off pretty much daily in the Wasatch, it’s looking like the new film will have more of an urban focus this year. Also, we are real excited to be filming with a few new friends this season, including Joss Christensen, Chris Laker and Krazy Karl.

You guys are obviously keeping pretty busy with filming for the new 
movie along with releasing a batch of online edits, most notably the 
Guacamole Sundayze series, but on top of all of that, you're about to 
drop the first episode of a new series that will be exclusive to 
Newschoolers called 4BI9 House. Tell us all about it.

Steve Stepp: This is actually a project we’ve wanted to do for several years. Ever since we moved to Utah five years ago we’ve occupied a house (or houses) with five to six 4bi9 members. It’s cool because it usually ends in disaster, and none of us have ever received our security deposit back from the four places we’ve lived in (laughs). Basically the episodes will feature all the 4biFriends interacting in hilarious ways, hanging out, partying, eatin kratom, and probably skiing. We’re really glad that Newschoolers requested it to be unedited and raw. That way it can better capture the absurdity of people like John Ware and (B)Ryan Wyble. It’s going to be exciting for sure.

Andrew Napier: Steve said it best. We are stoked on doing this project and hope you guys enjoy it. Skiing is a great part of our lives, but often what happens off the mountain is more entertaining and strange than what happens while we are skiing. Hopefully this series illustrates that adequately.

The 4BI9 House

Will 4BI9 House be all antics, or will it feature skiing it in as well?

Steve Stepp: The first episode is an even split between the lives of some of the members and a dope ski edit Napier made, including Dale goin H.A.M. as always.

Andrew Napier: Yeah we’re definitely going to try and get some H.A.M. skiing in each episode.

Photo by Rocky Maloney

What can we expect from the first episode?

Andrew Napier: The first episode gives a brief look at a somewhat typical start to our day. We give a tour of the house, Byran makes breakfast, and we eat kratom and go skiing.

Steve Stepp: Expect Dale to be Dale, Bryan to be really strange, and Black Steve to make a brief appearance. Cosco was hanging around for a bit too, as he was in our first Guacamooollleeeeee edit. He’s a great asset to the team.

What highlights should everyone look forward to from the series as it 
moves forward?

Steve Stepp: Everyone should be prepared to be weirded out. I’m not sure the public is ready to experience how weird my friends are. It’s going to be great.

Andrew Napier: Yeah things are going to get really strange.

How many episodes will you be releasing, and when will the first one 

Steve Stepp: I have no idea how many episodes there will be, but as long as PC has a dope park and Wallisch buys drinks, I’m sure there will be many more episodes to come.

Andrew Napier: We’re planning on releasing five episodes this winter, with the first one dropping this Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST exclusively on Newschoolers.

Any last words and/or shout-outs?

Andrew Napier: 4bi9 friends, Jeremy Cooper for the PC pass, and Bob at the dragon herbarium.

Steve Stepp: John Ware, everyone who eats/smashes guacamole, Paul Braunstein, Andrew Loyd RIP, Evan Resetar, and the good Lord Cheesus Crust.

Stay tuned for Episode 1 of 4BI9 House, which drops this Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST exclusively on Newschoolers.