Line Skis is honored to announce Eric Pollard has signed on for another four years as an athlete, graphic artist, and visionary for innovative product design. Pollard, who’s been with Line for more than a decade, will continue to work closely with the engineers and marketing team to ensure that Line stays one step ahead of the future.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a quicker four-year contract negotiation, if you want to call it that. For the past 14 years Eric’s creative vision, progressive skiing, fun personality, and incredible work ethic been identical to Line’s, influencing our brand, and literally every product we build. I and everyone at Line couldn’t be more stoked. We’re just getting started.” says Line Skis founder and Brand Director Jason Levinthal.

A pioneer in backcountry freestyle skiing, who was influenced by surfing and snowboarding, Pollard is known for looking to the untracked powder as his terrain of choice. Gifted with an untouchable ability to flow fluidly in all types of terrain, however, Pollard is a perfect counterpart in Line’s design process in developing a freestyle powder ski that’s versatile enough for in-bounds skiing as well.

“Working with Line over the past decade-plus has been a pleasure, and I look forward to the next four years. The license Line has granted me to create radical ski shapes is unparalleled in skiing,” says Pollard.

Pollard announced a complete redesign of his coveted powder sticks for 2012, tweaking the build of the EP Pro and Sir Francis Bacon. The new Mr. Pollard’s Opus and Sir Francis Bacon ski now feature a narrower profile, stiffer core, Early Rise and Early Taper in the tip and tail which work together. The result is a ski that planes perfectly through powder and performs exceptionally both in and out of it.

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