As the party of the year approaches, we at Newschoolers would like to present you a list of things that’ll help you enjoy your time more and better prepare you to actually show up to the movie viewings.

Bring... Yourself

This ones a given, so I'm not counting it in the 4 things

Bring... Your ID

Look, I know this is Montreal, but it should really go without saying that you need an ID to prove you’re over 18 (haha, hey Americans, how’s waiting three more years to legally drink?) to get into the after hours parts of iF3. Apparently some people forget these things.

People enjoying beverages purchased from such ID

Bring... Things needed to keep you extra safe

Cali P arrives on Thursday for first night of iF3 for a night of reggae and fun, I’m sure there’ll be many opportunities to meet and discuss safety procedure throughout the weekend.

Praising Jah and enjoying the vibes

Bring... A Marker

With all of the world class athletes gathered in one place, you don’t really want to be caught without a writing utensil for them to sign anything you’d like, do you? And c’mon, Pettit’s autograph has to be worth like at least a grand.

Sidenote: Last year, I ran into Steve Stepp at Thai Express and I was devastated when I didn’t have a sharpie for him to sign something with. Never again will I make the same mistake

This kid is clearly stoked that he's about to add Kaya Turski's autograph to his hat, keep your marker at hand to ensure that you'll never miss another autograph session!

*BONUS* Bring... Aspirin and water

After a night or three out, it’s gonna be a challenge to navigate the hangover and still get to theatre in time for the premieres, but aspirin will definitely help to cure the morning blues and prepare you for another fun filled day and night.

When nights start to become a haze, it's time to start drinking some water

Don't Bring... Your Dignity

With all the free stuff tossed out during the premieres and throughout the week and the inevitable photos that'll come with the hazy nights, it's better to leave your dignity at home, it'll have a better time there.

Woooo free stuff

Don't Bring... Weed

The last thing you want is to have your Quebecois adventure derailed by some zealous border guard, so be patient and take comfort in the fact that you’re supporting grassroot enterprises and local business.

2:34 supporting local enterprises and retouching I guess

Don't Bring... Your nice shirts

With nights like the rocker party in tow, there’s no guarantee your shirts will make it out in one piece, or even three.

Nice shirts not allowed

Don't Bring... Your insides (kidneys, livers, etc.)

After the weekend, you may need a new one, so it’s better just to leave what you have at home.

How else would you be able to stomach that?

And that concludes our short, but hopefully informative list. For all you veterans out there, here's a throwback to get you stoked for next week. See you all there!

And last of all, for those of you at home unable to get out here, all you need is an internet connection and you’ll be able to join us in spirit on this free live webcast for the first time ever!