From the publisher: (I typed it out, so any typos are mine, not 3D0's) Jonny Moseley brings the first trick-based skiing game to PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. Use Jonny, or a host of other profressional and fictional skiers, to master each of the games Slopestyle and Big Mountain courses. Slopestyle In Slopestyle Mode, you compete for medals, fame, and sponsors. The courses are man-made, with half-pipes, quarter-pipes, kickers, picnic tables, big air ramps, rails, etc. Use them all to rack up huge trick points. Outrageous environments include thesnowed-over streets of San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Rome, and others. Beat your competitors, and you'll take home the medals and spsonsors. Become famous enough, and you will be the star of your own ski movie in Big Mountain mode. Big Mountain Big Mountain Mode is every player's chance to star in his or her own ski movie! After being heli-dropped onto a mountaintop, you will race down at high speeds hucking yourself off cliffs, launching from the roofs of snowed in cottages, jumping over trains, and rail sliding on fallen trees. Everything in the enviromnment can be used for new trick opportunities. In Big Mountain Mode, out of bounds is fair play! And with it all being filmed, you can then watch your best runs on the big screen. Mad Attitude Moseley gets all the chicks. Or at least he (and other characters will if you are successful in the game. Kick butt and you'll be fending them off in the resort lounge. Fail in the events and you'll be killing time at the lounge by yourself. Jonny Moseley and the new skiing movement are the epitome of cool. If you thought you knew skiing, check this out. Game Highlights Choose between professional free skiers JonnyMoseley, Tanner Hall, and others, or a host of outrageous fictional characters Race through fantastical environments such as snowed-in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Washington D.C Tame some of the world's tallest peaks including Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro in Big Mountain mode Over 150 indicidual tricks to learn including moves that could never be done on a snowboard All tricks and skiing animations use motion capture data captures from Olympic Gold Medal winner Jonny Moseley and Xgames Gold Medalist Taner Hall Over the top mountain hazards like giant avalanches Star in your own ski movie via advanced camera and reply functions Licenseed music from famous bands in hip-hop, rock, electronica, and punk About Jonny Moseley Jonny won the gold medal in the 1998 Winter Olypmics in the freestyle mogul event. He recolutionized skiing by bringing a non-traditional, 'extreme' style to the event and became world famous for his '360 mute grab'. He came home a national hero, and is as popular in mainstream America as he is with hardcore freeskiers. One of the major American hopefulls oging into the 2002 Winter olympics, all eyes will be on JonnyMoseley and his new video game. ### Playstation and 3DO are trademarks of their respective companies.