382 releases: "The VIth" (and other updates)

Check out "the VIth",(6th) a new short film from 382. Shot mostly in the park at Alpine Meadows, CA and the glacier at Camp of Champions, watch Peter, Rafe, Brandon, Patrick and James enjoying life during the 07-08 season.

Running Time: 15 Min

The VIth from threeightwo on Vimeo.Also if you haven't grabbed a copy of the new issue of Powder (photo annual) you probably should, and check out page 66 to see 382's own Peter Kukesh floating above the Truckee treeline. Then peep it in motion in "The VIth".

Updates for

"The Weekend with 382" featuring March Mayhem and Battle My Crew 3 coming soon.

http://www.threeightwo.com - working on a new site, check the blog for now

PEACE. Now go shred!