What a perfect day to kick off this new chapter of "Adventures Of Angeli!" The sun is shining, I just confirmed a new job coaching a talented skier Abbie Luman, and my doctors appointment yesterday (for Lyme Disease Treatment) went great! Along with being extremely excited about my life, I am excited to start the "30 Days Of Awesome" blog challenge. 30 Days Of Awesome was started by a few creative women wanting to push the limits of what's possible in their daily lives. It has evolved into a 8 person challenge where we blog EVERYDAY for 30 DAYS! Each blog post has to be something we have never done before, and of course it has to be AWESOME!Stay tuned for my day 1 post dropping tomorrow morning. Cheers,AngCheck out the other 7 ladies of AWESOME!http://www.leftwithnothing.com/http://yessplease.blogspot.com/http://rhymeswithnog.com/http://www.tawnya.us/http://www.allthewayaroundit.com/http://hhendrix.wordpress.com/http://lovelanegraveyard.tumblr.com/and the master site which is soon to be updated with awesomeness- http://30daysofawesome.com/