The women get the jump on the men today and are given the first shot in the pipe. Imagine the nerves heading into an event like this as a competitor, get ready for the start of the best, of the best.


Run 1:

Karker set her run off with a bang, back-to-back 9s on her second and third hits were most likely what cemented her second-place ranking after this fist run, followed up by a clean left 7 safety.

Eileen comes into the event with 2 medals already and is obviously looking to add to the stockpile. Gu bumps the game up a notch with back-to-back 9s both ways, pulling them in with a Buick and Japan, respectively.

Cassie, like Rachel and Eileen, tosses out a big corked right 900 early, then follows it up with a mix of aired-out flairs, switch 3 mute, and a big left 9, displaying clearly that she's got it both ways.

Zoe Atkin drops in with so much speed and confidence and honestly looks like one of the most comfortable riders in eh field today. With 5s both ways, and alley-oop flair to finish, solid all-around 85

Kelly Sildaru put down a clean first run, with 5 out of her 7 hits featuring either left or right-sided 5. Today was also her birthday, AND Devin Logans, so that's pretty cool.


Run 2:

Karker takes the second run as an opportunity to boost her score, even if just by a point. Getting her 2nd and 5th hit corked, on a right 9 and left 7 respectively, would surely be to thank for the bump. 89.5

Eileen Gu 95.5 Really boosts out of the pipe unlike anyone else in the field. Cleaning up those back-to-back 9s, and adding a follow-up right ally oop flat 5 to hit 6, to accompany the left ally oop flat five in hit number 5. Really stepping it up again, boosting her score to a 95.50 after this run.

Cassie Sharpe let it sing in run two with back-to-back knockout Right and left cork 9 tails, then followed them up by a couple of mellow hits. This was all capped off with the first 10 of the day. She just missed the grab by a couple of inches but hey, claiming the first 10 is pretty nice regardless.

Atkin 86 Really hit on all her grabs this run, and for what she lacked in amplitude, she was sure to make up for in difficulty. The addition of a big cork 7, followed up by the same switch right 5, switch left 7, and a left ally-oop flat 5 in her previous run, would be enough to bump her score by one point to an 86.75

Kexin Zhang fires off a super clean right 7 with a tail grab, and bookends it with the second 10 of the day for the women. In between these, 3 consecutive switch hits and a blinged outright 5 with a solid mute grab.


Hats off to these women who threw it down today. It's always great to see the sport progressing, and it's hard to beat the feeling of watching it go down on a stage like this.