Conditions deteriorated so quickly, even just since the women had their shot at the pipe a couple of hours ago. The sun disappeared and the snow started coming down in sheets, making it tough for many of the guys to lace the runs they were hoping for.


Run 1:

Brendan Mackay Such a solid first run from Brendan. A switch alley-oop dub 9 to start his run off, left 7, right 9, then back to back dub 12s. Keeping it super clean on pretty much every hit here provided a score of 87.25.

Alex Ferreira dropped in hot and threw back to back dub 12s right off the bat. Two 7s, the second of which he sent switch. 84

Simon D Artois finds himself up in a top slot after putting down a fantastic run. A quick fakie on his first hit set he up to pop off a switch 12 on his second. Dub 12 mute shortly followed by an alley-oop flat 7 provided a score of 82.5, more than sufficient at this point.

Birk Irving picked everything up a notch by tossing out a dub 14 in his 3rd hit, then a dub 12 safety to Japan on hit 5.

David Wise Caps off the end of the first runs so well and finds himself sitting at the top of the field as the last athlete in the round. Even in these conditions, laying out a dub 12 mute, right 10 tail, and another super clean dub 12 mute, he earned this spot for sure.


Run 2:

The weather seemed to pass pretty quickly, as the score of the second would suggest, and Aaron Bunks run here delivers proof. Right 10, dub 9, left 9, and right dub 12. Essentially the same as his first run attempt, but finally able to be pulled off.

Nico threw down the same run as he did in the first round, but damn did he clean it up. Back to back switch hits going 9, then dub 10 safety. Right dub 12, left dub 16!!.... topped off with an alley flat 5 japan. crazy run and again, so clean.

Birk also took advantage of the opportunity to give his score a considerable bump. Hit 2 and 3's Right dub 12, and a huge left dub 14 were much cleaner this round. His final hit, a dub 12 safety to Japan, was also buttoned up tight this run, re-enforcing his spot near the top.

Wise's small improvement, from an 88.75 to an 89 would surely be the result of swapping a switch 7 hit out for a switch dub 10. Great showing from David wise today for real.

Thanks to all the guys that put on a show tonight, and I was so glad to see the casualties of the conditions walk away under their own power.