2020 saw the first Newschoolers awards go down to celebrate our 20th year, with hundreds of guests showing up to see their favorite winners take home their trophies in person. Just a month later, the world shut down. With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we made the obvious move to an online format for this year. The set looked great and Conor killed it as MC, but unfortunately, the live dial-ins too accept the awards were plagued by technical difficulties. Our apologies for those issues, but we hope you enjoyed the show regardless. We're super grateful to all our winners for making time to join us, especially in the absence of a real-life venue. The trophies, designed by NS legend CY Whitling are beautiful and they are on their way to the winners now. Keep an eye on social media to see the final product.

The winners of the 2021 Newschoolers Awards, presented by Toyota, are:

Outstanding Video Project: Keeshfile 20 - @Keeshlife



Best Short Video: Forrgive - Forre



Crew of the year presented by Arsenic: Carnage @BloodyCarnage



Trick of the year: Griselda Flip - Henrik Harlaut @E-DOLLO



Member of the year: @little1337



Best style: Antti Ollila @AnttiO



Comp MVP: Ferdinand Dahl @capeesh



Skier of the year presented by Toyota: Henrik Harlaut



Skier of the year presented by Toyota: Taylor Lundquist @taylorgang@



Huge congratulations to all our award winners.

We also took the chance of the awards show to induct two industry stalwarts into our Hall Of Fame, where they join Tom Wallisch as legends of both the ski community and this very website. Together they formed the original lineup of Line's Traveling Circus, which is currently in its thirteenth season and in which both still play a starring role. One had consecutive parts in Level 1's annual movies for the best part of a decade and took home an X Games Real Ski gold medal, but is perhaps best known for his insane rail skills. The other, the master of wizard tricks, started skiing's longest-lasting and most widely traveled event tour, the Tell A Friend Tour, which has brought pros to countless small resorts, smiles to countless stoked kids and adults alike, and given out enough pizza to explain America's obesity problem. Both starred in Meathead films street segments that were well ahead of their time and both are long-time active members of this very community. Our thanks go out to Will Wesson and Andy Parry for everything they've done for skiing.

Hall of fame: Will Wesson @WIllW & Andy Parry @404404