The Newschoolers Awards, presented by Toyota and in collaboration with Mountain Dew, are back for 2021.


When? Thursday March 4th at 1pm MST

Where? Right here on Newschoolers, on Facebook and on YouTube. Subscribe now to be notified when the show starts.


Things are, of course, a little different this year because we won't be having the real-life party. Making the proverbial lemonade, we’ll be looking back and celebrating the greatest moments of skiing in 2020 with you on an awesome live stream. The NS awards recognize the best skiers and productions in newschool skiing with our pro awards, which were judged by Will Wesson, LJ Strenio, Katrina Siegfried, and Alex Hackel, along with Twig representing NS. And we asked you to decide the best trick and best style of the year. We'll also be recognizing our Newschoolers Member of the Year during the show, which will conclude with two OGs of both the ski scene and Newschoolers itself being inaugurated into our Hall of Fame. The whole thing will be presented by Conor Smith, who also MC's the fantastic podcast series over at Level 1, and it's bound to be a great time for all.


Judged awards:

Newschoolers Skier of the Year, Presented by Toyota:

Presented to the outstanding male and female skiers of the year, the Newschoolers Skier of the Year awards recognize those who have made the biggest impact on the ski scene in 2020. From the streets to contests to backcountry stunts, it’s been such a crazy year... and let's not get started on the world.


Male Nominees:

Henrik Harlaut

Sammy Carlson

Antti Ollila

Colby Stevenson

Jake Mageau



Female Nominees:

Coline Ballet-Baz

Taylor Lundquist

Mathilde Gremaud

Kelly Sildaru

Maggie Voisin


Comp MVP

Love them or hate them, competitions are a huge part of the freeski world. We watch and cover all the major events, and there are some guys out there who make the whole process more enjoyable, courtesy of unique style or interesting trick selection. We wanted to recognize the fact that even though they don’t always come out on top of the podium, their skiing is often the most inspiring to us and our audience.


Ferdinand Dahl

Colby Stevenson

Elias Syrja

Henrik Harlaut

Mathilde Gremaud


Crew of the Year, Presented by Arsenic Anywhere (5 nominees)

One of the most important parts of skiing is being out on the mountain or in the streets with your friends. Crews have always been the backbone of the freeski content industry and the Newschoolers community. This award goes to the crew that has had the most impressive 2019, judged by their media output, most often a movie, from that time period.

One of the best parts of skiing is being out on the mountain or in the streets with your friends. Aka anywhere with the right people. More often than not, you start passing a camera around while you have your fun. And so crews become a cornerstone of the media landscape too. This award goes to the crew that has had the most impressive 2020, judged by their output and how stoked their vibe got us. The Newschoolers Awards are presented by Toyota & Mountain Dew.

Shoutout to @-Dan , who came through with some cash from Arsenic to go towards the winner's next project.









Outstanding Video Project of the Year

The Newschoolers awards are back, though looking slightly different as a result of social distancing. We believe that ski films are the heart and soul of the freeski scene, so this award could be argued to be the most significant of all. We considered all video projects that were posted online without a paywall in 2020 as eligible for this award, which essentially comes down to everything except for the one or two movies still being released in that way.


Bermuda - @strictly

Magma 2 - Crew (@AlexHall , @hunterhess , Owen Dahlberg)

Keeshfile 20 - @Keeshlife

Nothing - @Level1 (Freedle/Parker White)

Skivas - Bug Visionaries & @colineballetbaz


Best Short Video of the Year

Short ski videos have been the blood pumping through the veins of Newschoolers since we added the video section waaay back. We variously call them edits, shorts, short films, and more, and it’s hard to know where exactly to draw the line between the three. For the NS awards, cuts over 10 minutes were eligible for Outstanding Video Project. Those sub-10 minute films, were judged as shorts. And whatever you call them, we couldn’t have an awards without recognizing perhaps the most important part of ski media in our eyes.


Resilience - @sammyC

Forrgive - Forre

Swiftcurrent - Maggie Voisin

Swirl - @mitchellbrower

Intent - @dylansiggers


Community awards:

Trick of the Year

Trick of the Year is nigh on impossible to judge. There is so much out there and so difficult to objectively compare that we turned this choice over to you guys.


Mathilde Gremaud - Switch dub 14

Parker White - Cab 9 in nothing

Sammy Carlson - Huge 360 to pillow line

Henrik Harlaut - Griselda Flip

Cal Carson - Child Labor ender fs b4

Ben Fethke - Bone scare

Antti Ollila - Switch alleyoop keesh

Alex Hackel - Switch carve under

Matej Svancer - Switch Quad

Jake Mageau - Switch tails misty


Best Style

Likewise, it’s hard to define what style is, though many have tried. We all have our favorites, so again, we’re took the democratic approach and asked you guys. Who was the most stylish skier of 2020?


Antti Ollila

Dan Hanka

EZ Isaac

Kai Mahler

Noah Albaladejo


Stream goes live @ 1PM MST on March 4th!