There's a great atmosphere at the bottom of the slopestyle course in South Korea and the ladies were sending it today in the finals. The first freeski medals of the 2018 Olympic Games have now been decided. With Tess Ledeux missing out on finals and Kelly Sildaru/Giulia Tanno injured, the door to the podium was wide open. That's not to discredit the ladies who were slaying today though because the level of the winning runs suggests that the podium might not have been too different even with those others in the field. I think there might be some debate about the judging today because there were a few preference calls, since nobody was actually flawless. Regardless, it's all over now and the Swiss deservedly ended up taking home two medals.

Run 1:

- Yuki Tsubota: Front 2, switch disaster, hip straight air to straight-slide, backflip the bump, right 5, switch left 9 mute, left 7 tail. Not a bad run but the grabs were pretty loose. 74.4.

- Anastasia Tatalina: Front 4, disaster 2 dfd, front swap long flat down, right 5 tail, switch cork 5 high safety (crash).

- Sarah Hoefflin: F2, sw disaster dfd, b2 flat rail, cork 3 safety, right 5 tweaked mute, switch right 7 high mute, switch left cork 7 safety. All solid, very clean but perhaps lacking on the tech. 83.3.

- Mathilde Gremaud: Front swap pretz 2, switch disaster, safety slide, 3 tail the bump, left 7, rodeo 9, switch dub 10 to gucci plateau. BIG RUN, slightly wild but still a good score of 88.0.

Run 2:

- Isabel Atkin: Front 4 off the pad to rail, hip straight air tindy to straight slide (early off), lip disaster, hand drag 3 the bump, left 7 the wu, right 9 tindy, switch 9 mute (opened up). Good enough for 79.4 despite the rails.

- Johanne Killi: Lip on f2, switch 1 hip, fswap dfd, f2 long down rail, switch 1 the bump, left 7 tail (whiffed), right 9 tail (front seat), switch 7 japan. Only good for a 76.8 with the judges punishing mistakes.

Run 3:

- Maggie Voisin: 2 on, lip on blind tru, slide to switch, switch 180, rodeo 9 japan, switch 9, right 9 tail. Stomped at the last chance saloon. 81.2. Good enough for provisional third.

- Anastasia Tatalina: Crashed on her 3rd rail, a front swap on the massive flat down. I feel pretty bad for her because she was trying the hardest rail line of anyone and this was definitely a podium-worthy run.

- Sarah Hoefflin: Same rails, HUGE switch right 7 high mute to switch dub 9 safety. She squeaks it round and only tickled the grab... Is it the gold medal run? 91.20. First place.

- Mathilde: Same rails, perfect rodeo 9 but slams on the switch dub 10.

- Isabel Atkin: Same run but definitely cleaned up. 4 up top, right 9 tail to switch 9 mute at the bottom. She bumps Maggie and goes third.

- Tiril, Johanne and Emma couldn't put it down at the death, and we have our podium.


GOLD: Sarah Hoefflin - Women's Skiing Slopestyle Gold Medal Run

Silver: Mathilde Gremaud

Bronze: Isabel Atkin