Arguably the biggest event in freeskiing, the men's slopestyle finals at the 2018 Olympics, just finished up in Pyeongchang. After an interesting qualifications in which the scoring seemed all over the place, we looked to the judges to clean things up finals. Did they? Not entirely. There were quite a few crashes and bobbles as people stepped it up for finals and the Olympic final nerves hit home. There were also some completely nuts runs and even more nuts attempts but this didn't really hit the highs of qualification. Love or hate the judging, the results are in, your 2018 Olympic men's slopestyle gold medalist is Oystein Braten. He's followed by silver medalist Nick Goepper, and bronze medalist ABM. Read on for full results, and a recap of the Olympic slopestyle medalists' runs.

Run 1:

- Evan McEachran: 4 on to kfed, his unique rail line from the hip to a rail stall and ending in front swap pretz 2 on the dfd, switch 2 out the bowl to backswap (sketch), dub 12 'Evan grab', dub 10, triple 16 safety. 89.0.

- Woodsy: Switch 2 pretz 4, over the goal posts to the dfd, sw disaster 4, left triple 14, right dub 12 tail, switch right triple octo (crashed).

- Oystein: Polejam to tranny to rff superfed, switch right 2 to tranny to lff superfed the dfd, switch left 2 disaster continuing 2, left dub 12 mute, switch right dub 14 tweaked lead safety, switch left dub 14 blunt to blunt. 95.0. Pretty crazy run, very high score.

- ABM: switch disaster 2 continuing 2, right cork 2 to 4 disaster the dfd, switch right 4, left dub bio 10, right dub 9 lead mute, switch triple. 81.6.

- Andri Ragettli: Switch 2 to rainbow to early off to 2 on 2 off the down rail, 4 the hip to front swap pretz 2 the dfd, switch on kfed, right dub 12 dub japan, switch left dub misty 12 japan, triple 16 safety. 85.8, better scoring there for some pretty basic rails at least.


Run 2:

- Ferdinand: Wallie over the rainbow, left lip 2 to switch, switch 3 the hip to switch to 2 continuing 4, switch r 4 disaster, right trip 16, switch dub 14 blunt, switch dub 14 safety. Dope run but only 76.4. Couple of dodgy grabs perhaps.

- Elias: drop to down rail, flair the hip to superfed dfd, switch 6 disaster, switch dub 10 truck, switch dub 12, left dub 12 blunt to blunt. 71.6.

- Woodsy: sw left 2 b2, over the posts to rff back 4 the long down, switch right 4 disaster, triple 14 japan, right dub 12 high mute, massive switch right triple octo. Couple of bobbles on the rails but still a 91 and second for the time being.

- Teale Harle: Wallie over right 4 on, switch left 3 switch 5050 180 out, huge disaster, flat dub 10 (backseat), dub 12, switch dub 14 but nope he can't get it down.

- ABM: switch 2 disaster back2, alleyoop 2 two the hip to disaster 4, switch right disaster 4, left dub bio 10 truck, big right dub 9 lead high mute, switch triple safety. Cleaner but still maybe put a hand down, 92.4.

- Andri: same rails, nosebutter triple 16 at the bottom, crashes + knee grab on the trip though and only 71. Changed his skis to do the nosebutter?


Run 3:

- Jonas Hunziker: Switch 2 on pretz 4, lip 2 pretz 2, right 2 continuing 2, right dub 10 japan, dub 12, big switch dub misty 14 but loses a shoe on the last jump.

- Woodsy: switch left 2 pretz 4, over the posts to lff front 2 the long down (early off), switch right 4 disaster, triple 14 japan, right dub 12 high mute, massive switch right triple octo stomped but it's not an improvement thanks to the rail mistake.

- Teal Harle: Wallie over the rainbow to right 4 on, switch left 3 switch 5050 180 out, huge left 4 disaster continuing 2, flat dub 10, dub 12 lead tail, switch dub 14 mute. Only a 90 though.

- Goepper: Left 2 pretz 4, switch disaster 2 contiuing 2, right 2 pretz 2, left dub 12 lead tail, switch double misty 12 mute, right triple 14 mute to japan. 93.6 and second place for now.

- Oystein: same top rails, switch disaster 6 continuing 2 but almost died. Crazy attempt to bump his score in that run though.

- Andri Ragettli: same run but can't get the nosebutter 16, not enough speed.


2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Men's Slopestyle Results

Gold: Oystein Braten - Watch His Winning Run Here

Silver: Nick Goepper

Bronze: Alex Beaulieu-Marchand


4. James Woods

5. Teal Harle

6. Evan McEachran

7. Andri Ragettli

8. Ferdinand Dahl

9. Elias Ambuehl

10. Jonas Hunziker

11. Oscar Wester

12. Gus Kenworthy