Men's halfpipe is the final freeski discipline of PyeongChang 2018 and based on todays qualis, the finals in two days time are going to be a heavy way to end the show. Today the riders had to contend with a later time slot, meaning that the looker's righthand wall of the pipe was far softer than the other. That caused a lot of issues for the big name guys who were still sending it to the moon but getting popped out towards the flat bottom by an apparent touch of oververt. They mostly managed to make it work for run two though so we're in for a stacked final. Fingers crossed they can fix that wall for the big show.


Run 1:

- Thomas Krief: Switch left 10, right 9 tail, dub 12, ao flat 5 japan, left 10 tail. 74.4.

- Beau-James Wells: Sw7 blunt, right dub 12 safety, huge left flair tail, safety, right dub flair safety, left dub 12 mute. Solid run, good amplitude, mad style. 86.2.

- Torin: Right dub 12 mute, left 10 tail, switch 7 safety, flat 5 safety, down pipe dub 9 japan. Safety run but good for 89.6.

- Robin Briguet: Ran out of pipe but did a dope 23 ft alleyoop flat 5.

- Kevin Rolland: Switch cork 7 safety, right dub 12 mute, left 9, right 9, left dub 12. 87.8. Landed super deep on the right dub 12. Apparently he's carrying an injury from qualifying, he could barely walk once he took his skis off.

- Alex Ferreira: Right 9 tail, left cork 7 tail, switch right 7, dub 12 mute, down pipe dub flat 9 japan. Pole whip, Bruce Springsteen shoutout. 92.6.

- Nico Porteous: 10 double seatbelt japan, switch 9 mute, switch 7, right dub 12 safety, left dub 12 safety. Slightly backseat landing but only 51.2?

- Byron Wells: Huge switch dub 9 safety, switch 9 dub japan, switch 7, dub 12 high safety, alleyoop flat 5 japan shifty. 88.6.


Run 2:

- Mike Riddle: Left double 12 mute, alleyoop flat 3 japan, switch left 7 double japan, right 9 tail, double flair safety. 82.2.

- Joel Gisler: Huge switch dub 10, horrific crash on deck. Hopefully he's ok, he did walk out after some medical attention.

- Beau-James Wells: Sw7 blunt, right dub 12 safety, huge left flair tail, safety, right dub flair safety, left dub 12 mute. Same run but cleaner. 88.2.

- Torin: Steezy swerves down the pipe, saving himself for finals.

- Aaron Blunck: Right 7 blunt, sw dub 9 japan, switch 7, right 9 tail, right dub 12 tail. Nosebutter in the finish area. 94.4. Stomped.

- Noah Bowman: 3 stale, switch cork 7, switch ao dub 9 to the flat, switch 7 mute, right 10 tail. 77.2.

- David Wise: Huge switch 7, left dub 12 mute, right 10, swtich 7 japan, right 9 crazy double grab. Landed flat on the last hit but stayed up through sheer willpower. Close run thing but he makes it through. 79.6

- Nico Porteous: Left 10 double seatbelt japan, switch right 9 mute, switch left 7, right dub 12 safety, left dub 12 safety, alleyoop flat 5 japan. Dope run, kinda low on the amplitude, still only gets a 72.8.

- BNewbs: Most stoked of the day prize for sure.



1. Aaron Blunck

2. Alex Ferreira

3. Torin Yater-Wallace

4. Byron Wells

5. Beau-James Wells

6. Kevin Rolland

7. Mike Riddle

8. David Wise

9. Noah Bowman

10. Thomas Krief

11. Nico Porteous

12. Andreas Gohl