Words and photos by Josh Macdonald

Saturday March 29th played date to the 2nd annual Sandy Boville Invitational held just outside Barrie, Ontario at Mt St Louis Moonstone. The end of March marks the end of the season for Ontario and a last chance for everyone to get together to throw down on some redesigned super sized features built by Craig Burley and his terrain park staff. The contest is based on 2 features, a jump and a rail section. This year was a 55 ft jump and some giant gaps onto a flat tube and down tube.

The day kicked off at the bottom of the Outback Terrain Park with Sandy going over the format and how everyone will be scored. This is a truly unique event for Ontario and it is one of the only rider judged contest. After riders meeting we all headed up to the jump feature for the morning session. The riders did not disappoint with stylish zero spins from Geoff Lovelace, switch 10’s from Jordan Innes and even a tandem double backflip from Elliott Carter and Matt Dewar.

After the jump feature ended we heading down to the bottom of the park where James McLachlin cooked everyone up some burgers and hot dogs. Rockstar Energy was on site giving away their new energy water and a ton of stickers for everyone. The food was great and vibes were even better so onto the rail features we went.

The gaps onto the tubes seemed to have the riders a little timid and everyone took their time warming up on the features. Once settled, Quinton Zambrano was one of the first riders going for the 450 onto the down tube and Jarad McCarl had a nice one ski down the tube as well. The flat tube was seeing a lot of different combinations being thrown onto, Cole Drexler had a smooth buttery 270 on 270 off.

As the lifts started to shut down it was time to call the day an end. All the riders came to the bottom and wrote down there top 3 overall riders from the day as well as an MVP on their ballot. Once the votes were casted it was Jordan Innes, Jack Irvine, and Quinton Zambrano coming out on top with Quinn Bartlett grabbing MVP.

Sandy welcoming everyone and laying down the days format.

Heading up for the morning jump session.

Elliot Carter (right) and Matt Dewar (left) with the tandem double flips.

Ross Fedyna sending the jump.

Lunch is served!

Swag Toss

Ryan Cooper getting at the flat tube

Jordan Innes with the 450

Jarad McCarl with the one ski

Sandy handing out ballots for overall riders and MVP

Quinn Bartlett walking away with some Rockstar Energy Skis and Full Tilt boots for MVP

Quinton Zambrano (left), Jack Irvine (middle) Jordan Innes (right) are your overall winners