Words: Erme Catino

Summertime for skiers can either mean hitting jumps on Mount Hood, traveling below the equator, or just chilling out barbequing and swimming.  Whichever way you are spending your summer, as a skier you are going to be stoked on Skiershop’s 2011 Summer Camp Special.

Starting this week Skiershop.com will be offering 45% off on all Surface and Boone skis, plus a free Yowie with all orders while supplies last.

Additionally, if you order a pair of Surface skis, you?ll receive a free pair of Surface poles with your order.

Here is how it works, choose a Surface or Boone ski, then click this link and add to your cart your Yowie and Surface Poles: http://www.skiershop.com/yowie-and-the-surface-team-pole.html

Then simply enter the coupon code SUMMERCAMP upon checkout.

We only have limited supplies so the sooner you order your new sticks the better.   Either way you?ll be rocking fresh new gear this summer or next winter? as of June 21st the days only become shorter and winter will soon be on its way!