Saturday September 12th we held the Stereo Cable Jam at McCormicks cable park in Seffner, Florida. This was the second pure wakeski tournament in history. This time nine riders competed for a cash price and Stereo products. We tried a new format consisting of qualification, semi-final and final. Each rider had two laps on the cable and three hits on the kicker and was able to fall one time. The qualification started with three heats with three riders in each heat. The remaining riders were judging the riders in each heat. Two riders progressed from each heat to the semi-final. Again four riders progressed to the final for the main battle. The final results were: 1st place Brian Robbins, 2nd place Dan Olson, 3rd place Ryan Jones.

The conditions were perfect and many new tricks were landed. Ryan Jones dropped a huge off axis 3 off the kicker, Brian Robbins landed a switch mobe and Jens-Martin Johnsrud landed his Lincoln loop with a critical grab. Another impressive trick was Justin Purse?s? attempt at the double back flip, were he was really close to land it.

The Stereo Cable Jam is planned to be an annual event and is the first of three planned cash price wakeski tournaments this year. The next tournaments are the Stereo European Wakeski Open held at Turncable, Thannhausen, Germany in July, followed by the Wakeski Open at OWC, Florida in September