So far this year a lot of my cohorts of Mt Baker have vowed to make the most out of the hopefully epic season that looms large in the future. With Nearly 100 inches of base snow by the 22nd of December, it looks as if this year will be the same for me as well.Go Big Or Go Home will be in full effect this year. I have remounted my Sir Francis Bacons and the Armadas are doing as well as ever. Nothing noteworthy has happened on snow except for a few 10ft drops and a rope jump out of the natural half pipe.The real secret this season is going to be my company I think. I have branched out and am skiing with much more intense and driven riders and skiers. This paired with my regular riding friends desire to go bigger will make for excellent progression this season.What I have been working on this year so far is:getting comfortable with rough and steep snow at high speed (e.g. post drop)narrow line selection (thru tight trees at higher speed)mid air rotationsboxesstretching and core strengthening Goals for this year:clean 360s at a variety of altitudesclean combo 3's with at least a safety grabbackflips in good conditions20+ft droprail/box comfortExplore some other Slope (Hood, Bachelor, and Grouse?)