Thats right, we're coming back around again. The 2005 Siver Sessions Tour will be hitting a resort near you. The tour this year will consist of three dates at some of the east coast's finest parks. All you have to do is show up... there are no registration fees, no rules, no judges... just good old fashioned sessions with The Cartel... and a bunch of free gear to be tossed out with absolutely no regard to who does or does not deserve it. We throw out gear like its going out of style. On the Roster we have mike wilson, mike nick, iannick b. austin ramaley, dash longe and phil warren.

see you at...

Mt Snow: Feb 17, 2005

Killington: Feb 18, 2005

Sunday River: Feb 19, 2005

**the team will also be stopping by Evolution Freeride/ The Basin after the Killington session from 5-6 pm for an autograph session. don't miss the mania...

see you there...mike nick