2 hawt fo summa camp is more than a movie, it's a story and a lifestyle..



The shit show of a summer started out in May when an army of cops tore through a birthday party and gave everyone we ski with MIP's along with throwing some peeps in jail and putting their mug shots on TV. Mr. Briggles ended up having his ticket dropped cause he's a briggle. Briggle: stealthy squirrel type animal with a fairy godmother that allows it to maneuver its way around the northwest and avoid trouble. A Briggle can land lots of tricks that shouldn't be stomped because of its mystical powers (see last shot in the following video).


Mr. Briggles beat the system like a fucking boss because he was only seventeen and the cop wrote out the wrong ticket. Once you feed a briggle alcohol, it assumes that its the hottest shit on the block and turns into a cocky shit talker. aka. the drunk intellectual. It should also be noted that while intoxicated the Briggler's eye balls start to pop out his eye sockets, he becomes flustered, and danger arises.

Briggles enjoys living in his briggle mobile minivan during the summer so he doesn't have to sleep at a house full of drunkasses, including the skummits, the ark, or Randy's mountain retreat in Welches.

The mountain retreat was a trap house hidden in the woods surrounding Mt. Hood. There are signs at the entrance of these unincorporated communities informing residents that they are located in a drug free zone. Clearly, growing dope in the Mt. Hood jungle is a commodity. Brightwood, Wemme, Welches, Zig Zag, and Rhododendron are all within an 8-mile radius on your journey to the ski hill. These areas appear quiet and unappealing when you pass by them on highway twenty-six since you are only exposed to the outskirts of this deadly monstrous sector. There is a dark overshadow in this jungle that can be best experienced by consuming psychedelic mushrooms at night in an ominous bungalow. A near death experience from drunk driving in these woods is replaced by watching your soul meet the devil on mushrooms the following year.

You haven't been living right. Maybe it takes a bad trip to see this although a terrifying epiphany on mushrooms means nothing when the hallucinogenic experience is over. You become confident once again and return to a cycle of degenerate behavior. When your friend also meets the devil and spends the entire night hiding in his room realizing he's trapped in the same coffin you're in, maybe this identical experience should have an impact on your appreciation of life; yet a year and a half later is no different than a day later, the sober world provides no glimpse into supernatural realities since it is easy to disregard unnerving negativity and sinister thoughts.

The Welches road eventually turns into a dead end after you pass the Salmon River. The adventure begins at the end of this road as you explore the true fringes of Mt. Hood. Keep your jacket on and stay warm, mushrooms are friendly if you work with them on this introspective journey, but if you become cocky and overconfident, you will take the jacket off and eventually turn against yourself.

I realized that making ski videos is a completely useless and superficial way of experiencing life. I did not want to continue in this cycle, but here I am today engaging in the exact same behaviors. If you have the opportunity, get the fuck out of the trap, get off the couch while watching tv for hours on end, stop working the same monotonous job, listen to a new genre of music, meet new fucking people, go adventure. Freeskiing allows for endless creativity, adrenaline, and satisfaction; for this reason, people become so passionate about this sport. There are no barriers present unless you choose to constrict yourself.

but skiing is a luxury. The world is bigger than you and me so don't let yourself get hidden away deep in the cuts of the Mt. Hood forest. We create energy when we work together that results in the most powerful form of God we will ever come in contact with. Dedicate your life to always creating something new as opposed to repeating a cycle of unsustainable practices.