So it's Thursday night and the X Games are on. My two roommates and I are watching and we notice the huge Taco Bell hats. That reminds me of a boast my roommate made earlier in the day, "I could eat 10 tacos and I'd still be hungry". So my other roommate and I call him out and challenge him to eat 10 tacos and still be hungry. The bet will be that if he can't eat 10 tacos and still be hungry he has to pay for them. So we pause the x games (thank you dvr) and head to taco bell.

We order 11 tacos, remember he has to be hungry after 10. We sit down to eat them. I eat my cheesy gordita crunch and big taste taco and watch as my roommate tries to defend his claim. He gets through the first 6 or 7 no problem, and at that point I fully expect him to finish because, 10 tacos isn't that incredible of a feet.

After 8, he's definitely struggling. At 9 he's forcing it down. After 10, he's done and claims victory. We still have the 11th taco that he was supposed to eat to prove he was "Still hungry". We make fun of him a bit, and talk him into eating half.

Super interesting story, I know.