Flickr has quickly become the top photo sharing site on the web.  It's free, easy to use, and a great way to keep a current portfolio!  Network with other action photographers.There are more photographers on flickr sharing images than any other sharing service and you can "friend" and "message" other photographers much like facebook.  Flickr however, is far more respectable for a photographer to share their images on than facebook.  Here's some reasons why we think you should become a flickr member right now!  And also, if you do become a member, join the Action Photo School Flickr Group here, and start sharing your images!

(Image hosted by Flickr)Free marketing.  That's all there is to it.  You can post images for free, host a portfolio, and maybe someone big will see it and want to hire you. See what other photographers are shooting and their approaches.  Flickr is a great research tool and a place to learn how others capture amazing images.  Use it for research and learning.Network with fellow action photographers.  There are a TON of action photographers on Flickr.  It's a great place to discuss action photography, and view/share amazing images.Draw traffic to your website.  You aren't allowed to advertise on Flickr, but people that like your work are likely to click on your site link in your profile.  Sometimes companies that are looking for stock will check out Flickr and may contact you for an image you post.Get feedback on your images.  Everyone loves an ego-boost, but beware, people can be brutal.  Take the good with the bad and learn from both.Free portfolio service.  If you are just starting out and don't have money or know-how to build a proper site, Flickr can fill in that position for the time being.  Photos can be organized into "collections" and these can be labeled as individual portfolios.  That way, if a prospective client wants to see your work and you don't have a site, you can send them to your flickr.Keep your portfolio's current.  Let's be honest here… When was the last time you updated your site??  Flickr syncs with Aperture, Lightroom, and iPhoto and lets you upload images quickly and with one click!  Now you won't have to show clients 2 year old portfolios.Land a Getty contract.  Getty is a stock agency that will sell your images for you and you'll earn commissions.  Post your images in the Getty Flickr Group and you could possibly be selected for a contract.  Getty contracts are tough to get but stay persistent!Find new friends to shoot with.  Just search for "Action Photo" groups (i.e. skiing, biking, whatever you shoot…) and join up.  You may meet some people to shoot with that are nearby!Host images on your blog.  When you embed images from Flickr like we do with every image on APS, the image won't link to the full-size file, and is more protected from download.  Then you don't have to clog and slow down your server with your images! Don't forget about the APS Forum as well!  We want to hear your techniques, tips, and answer your questions.  (APS Forum)
(Image Hosted by Flickr)