10 Barrel athlete & steeze machine, Lucas Wachs, spent a whirlwind season deep in the backcountry pow filming for two major films by Level 1 and Matchstick Productions. 10 Barrel worked with both companies to procure footage and produce a unique supercut edit with Lucas, titled ‘Wachs This’.

'Wachs This' has been shown at a few of 10 Barrel's Pray For Snow parties this Fall alongside their other film, 'Hold My Beer' which features Curtis Ciszek, Eric Jackson, and others. For those who haven't been able to see Level 1 or MSP's movie offerings this year, this is a perfect chance to get a taste of what you're missing. Lucas had some of the most impressive shots in both. If you have seen one, or both of those movies, 'Wachs This' is still going to put a fresh spin on what you've already seen. Enjoy!