Well I've been slacking on the blog this week, sorry! I haven't really been doing anything too noteworthy compared to some of my other activities. On Thursday we went to Beethoven's house, one of the many, but it was where he spent the longest time in Vienna. Pretty cool and yet another reminder of how OLD this place is! On Friday, one of our fellow American students, Jake, cooked a giant pot of taco soup at a friend's house where we did some socializing with each other and a few Austrians. Delicious!A lot of AHA students went away this weekend. Some were in Switzerland, some were in Budapest and I believe one went to Cologne. I must admit I'm a little jealous and I would OBVIOUSLY rather be off skiing somewhere this weekend but I've enjoyed some downtime and a healthy amount relaxation at home base.It's been snowing pretty regularly the past few days but not very heavily. It doesn't seem to build up here like it does back home but maybe that's just because I'm not used to the city.On Thursday morning, our entire group leaves for Trieste, Italy! Trieste was once part of the Austrian Empire and served as the only sea port. Now it's a part of Italy and is closely bordered by Slovenia and Austria. I'm not sure what our itinerary is yet but I know we're leaving by train bright and early Thursday and returning Sunday night pretty late. I think Frauke is going to give us more details about the weekend plans sometime this week... I will keep you posted!I visited Jake's homestay today and it's basically a castle. Yeah, seriously... I'll have to take a picture tomorrow. He just got a new cell phone deal and it's way cheaper than what we have right now. He also bought his phone for about $20 in Switzerland a few months ago and it's WAY nicer than the ones we have now! So I'm thinking about buying a phone here and getting a cheaper pay-as-you-go plan. I think it will be cheaper in the long run, plus I'm going to need a cell phone after the program ends.Anyway, back to the old grime! I have a little homework to do - just some German worksheets and a little dialogue. Then I'm going to watch some TV and go to bed! Gute Nacht! :)