It occurred to me as I was driving into work just how different the world looks during the winter. I live in a particularly beautiful region of New Hampshire, and as I drove by Lake Winnisquam I thought about just how much more I love the world when it is cloaked in a blanket of white. All of the worlds imperfections covered under a deep coating of snow. All of my problems disappear when I immerse myself in a world of white and blue. Nothing is more immersive than skiing. Even when I am not skiing, if the world is white and blue, everything is just a little bit better.

White and blue are the colors I most associate with a good time, Skiing. Others associate a good time with tan and blue- the beach, or black and neon- a night out on the town. For me, my escape is skiing. Even if it means I am teaching, its hard to worry about much other than my students falling on their face. The cool tones relax me. The only thing that you really need to think about when you are skiing on a bluebird day is the white, the snow. Nothing else matters.

I love living in a world of white and blue.