Hey everybody,

I’m just chillin out in Colorado right now taking a day off from skiing. The pipe at Copper has been open for a few days now and it is amazing. It’s probably about 20-22 feet and cut perfectly every day. We’ve been shredding with Shaun White and pretty much all the best snowboarders in the world because they are all training for the Olympics. It’s been pretty cool to watch and learn from them. I’m probably gonna shred pipe at Copper for the next week or so then head over to Breck or Keystone to start jumping and hitting some rails again. Me and the Canadian crew, Sarah Burke, Dania Assaly, Roz G, Mike Riddle, Matt Margetts, Joe Schuster, Cam Schuster, and Trennon Paynter, have been hitting up “WOODWARD” at copper almost everyday. That place is unreal… there is so much to do their like, skateboard, ski (on snowflex), and bounce on trampolines into foampits. All of us have been learning bunch new doubles even the girls. Roz has been doing some sick Misty 5 to backflips into the foam pit, Riddle’s been doing some Rightside double cork 10s, and marg has been doing so many different doubles I can’t even begin to describe them. Anyways, long story short, I’m so stoked to be skiing again, can’t wait for the Dew Tour!!!