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theA6ENCY presents WILD LIFE - A Revelstoke Ski Movie

by theA6ENCY
Jan 2021 - 402 views

was here before, OG no hiccups version

We weren't raised in the mountains, look at us now
Filmed mostly on Revelstoke Mountain Resort and surrounding area.

Francis Courtois, Gavin Kratz, Blake Cameron, Anders Liljedahl, Matt Crawford and Friends

Thanks to,
Skookum Revelstoke, Board Butter Glide Wax, and Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Filming and Editing by Cam Keith

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Cam Keith - Simple

by theA6ENCY
Oct 2014 - 3.4K views

Another season in Whistler has passed. Having a fair share of injuries was something that was new to me in skiing last winter. But as time goes on skiing just gets better and better and this season was one to beat, with or without snow. Seemed to do much of the filming this season and with my laptop calling it quits i couldn't be happier to have something to show! Took it easy this year and had a blast doing what i do. I wonder what ill do next year, simple...