• Suspect by Salomon
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      Reviewed on Jun 20, 2012 @ 12:47 PM Skis 2010

      Overall I give the Salomon Suspects an 8 because they do what they were made to do and they do it well. There is a reason the top pros use this ski on the gnarliest park features: it is sturdy and dependable. You won't get any surprises when you are skiing hard on these puppies, and I thought that was the ski's strong point. It is a high end ski for kids who like to charge big jumps and hit the pipe, and it will absolutely hold its own on rails. If you want a ski that isn't about little jibs and buttery, playful maneuvers then you have come to the right place. The Salomon Suspect means business, and it will slay any park. Performance I rode these skis pretty hard all season in very questionable conditions and I thought they were a lot of fun in almost everything. They are obviously no powder ski but they handle ice like a champ, and they were a fun snappy ride. I can't say they are extremely playful, but with a good waxing they are fast as hell and you can ski as aggressively as you want. Design The skis look great with interesting topsheets and conservative bases. You can ski confidently on them, you'll feel like you have a solid set of ski on your feet ready to conquer the toughest features. Value I got a fantastic deal on my Suspects, and I've seen many places carry them far under retail, and even a retail price in the 500s isn't insane, although it is a park ski. Bottom line, you can easily get Suspects cheaper than comparable high end park skis. Fit I am 5'11'' 160lbs and 176cm was great for me. Characteristics On the stiffer side. Possibly the best skis for any size jumps you can find. Hold up very well at high speeds and are very poppy. Some may find they aren't the ideal stiffness for rails but they will do just fine, butters are not a problem once you get used to them, but a lighter skier could have some difficulty with butters and presses. Durability Aside from some top sheet chips and a couple of base repairs they held up well after hitting plenty of rails, walls and a rock here and there. Despite the ridiculous scrutiny they receive about their edges, I found that if they are detuned underfoot you shouldn't have any problems at all, and overall they had good durability, they were neither worse nor better than any comparable park ski I've seen.