Selling: Legacy Sale: OG Jiberish, Saga, 4bi9, Level 1

Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States
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Product Type: Other
Price: $15 - $100 or best offer

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*** If you are across the country or in another country, additional shipping charges may apply. If local, I'de consider a pickup discount. **All prices are OBO, feel free to send me an offer and I'll consider. Just explain your situation if you are lowballing. First come first serve on offers. I prefer to use Zelle for payment. *Drop any questions in the thread and I'll have them answered by the end of the day. PM offers please. Item 1 (SOLD): Jiberish Mojave | XXL Condition 8/10 - Fully replaced front zipper matching the original colors, but much smoother zipping (first one split). Only blemish is the small. very low key, stain included in the photo. This piece is legacy. Price: $100 Item 2: Saga Triple Stack Camo Thermal | XL Condition 8/10 - Small amount of wear around cuffs, but overall wonderful condition. Hobo cuffs are super nice as well. Price: $40 Item 3: 4bi9 x The Mountain Penguins Tall T | XXL Condition 9.5/10 - Pristine condition, never washed, swaggy as ever Price: $30 Item 4: Level 1 Blunted Hoodie | XL Condition 8/10 - The hoodie is plush, purple, and tall as ever, only issue is the small blemish included in pics. Super comfy hoodie. Price: $50 Item 5: Saga Triple Stack Hoodie | XXL Condition 8/10 - Very very small amount of pilling on the back, under the hood (covered by hood). Would not show up in the pics but wanted to let the buyer know. Never washed this piece, so small traces of never being washed (that will come off in wash). Figured I would sell before washing to let the buyer decide on if it's worth it. Only really wore this a couple of times. Price: $50 Item 6: Jiberish Cold Beer and Snow Tee | XL Condition 7/10 - Small discoloration around collar in the back. Price: $15


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