Selling: ***TIME CAPSULE SALE! 2009 Jiberish Team Size, Saga XL, G Suit Jacket....The Greatest Ski Era***

Location: Provo, Utah, United States
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Product Type: Apparel
Price: $50 - $1000 or best offer

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Sup bitches, I haven't been on this website in over 8 years, not even sure if this place is even used anymore.....Long story short, I had several knee surgeries in 2012-2014, fucked me up and that completely ended my skiing days, all this gear went into storage in my closet and hasn't been worn or touched in you can see the wrinkles from being in vacuum sealed bags. Dry clean it once and brand new. Is it worth anything? I have no fucking idea. But if you want to tell folk tales of Tom Wallisch and the 4bi9 Crew....Simon Dumont dropping Slumdog Illionaire and going 200 feet to flat, Steve Stepp really not being great, but somehow being a relevant pro for years, Line Traveling Circus, Andy's annoying ass and Will whatever his name was who never said a word......when doubles were unheard of, Gus Kenworthy's sexual orientation wasn't talked about, and life was good.....and be able to tell kids at your local mountain all this.....then this gear is for you.... Pics attached, highest offer takes it, if you are local in Utah county to me, then your offer probably takes priority....I don't feel like shipping shit if I do not have to. You are welcome to get my instagram and verify I am legit....If you still don't trust me, fuck you, I don't trust you either.... Alright kids, here we go....if you do not know these items immediately....then I feel bad for you. You really were born in the wrong time. First off, XXXXL Team sized Jiberish Ignant Vest, yes the sought out largest size they made, every pro was wearing these, even guys not sponsored by them were wearing is not the red one, but fuck the red one, this one is cooler. I did wear this quite a bit back in the day but its in pretty damn good shape being its 12 years old....8/10 No idea what it is worth, maybe $100-$200? fuck if I know. NEXT SOLOMON G SUIT JACKET sized Medium (I am 5'11 and it goes to my knees) 8/10 on this too, small rail stains on the back from me sucking ass and getting bodied up.... No idea how to price, at height it was $600-1000...I am aware it probably doesn't have anywhere near that hype. Grab your mom's credit card and offer up. It was a god damn tail, who doesn't want a tail flapping in your face when you land backwards with it unzipped? All for clout kids. NEXT for my pow pow homies Helly Hansen Survival Suit SIZED LARGE (fits me good 5'11) You could literally survive in Antartica in this thing, if you live in the shit bunny hills of the east coast, this aint for you dawg Offer up, I wore it twice and sweated my balls off Last for now, SAGA OG XL PINK Jacket Ironically, I bought this from Steve Stepp. This was the best Saga, before Saga was big. It is in great shape...It is huge, at my knees at 5'11" Is Steve Stepp even alive anymore? Who knows. Offer up, thinking $100 here Thanks guys, if you are in Utah, hit me up, beer on me. Unless you are 14, then just buy my shit and go back to class...


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