Location: Summerview, Alberta, Canada
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Price: $30 or best offer

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I may not know you personally, but I know what you want. You want durability and high fashion at an affordable price. These 44" black and silver Armada poles are young bucks at less than three weeks old. Used every day since Castle has opened, these poles have seen some shit; Everything except the merciless depths of the far chutes... You want clout. You want gear thats been gripped in the sweaty palms of someone who laughs in the face of death, someone who would charge hell with a bucket of water. These grips have seen it all, even a close encounter with a strangers edge on an impromptu collision. You appreciate a confident pole strap. Both poles have been modified through multiple tomahawks. They have a fixed position to fit your grip like a baseball glove, all day every day. One has even been reinforced with JB Weld. Bombproof.. You strive for precision pole plants on every single turn. Moguls, GS trenches, pow, these babies will hit the spot every time. They're essentially an extension if your hand. Laser straight without a single bend, these snow spears will never miss an aggressive plant. You love Castle Mountain Ski Patrol. No one wants to get busted on our sweet 3,592 acres of world class, wild west terrain. But in the event of a savage bail, we all know who we want at our side most. The proceeds of these top-tier snow pokers will go to the Castle Mountain Patrol's T-bar tab. Listed on Armada's website at an affordable price of $49.00 I am willing to part with these beauties for an easy $30.00. That's cheaper than a case of Budweiser. I will also entertain the idea of a trade for a full case of beer or bottle of Rye. Both of which will then be passed over to Castle Patrol. Thank you for taking the time to view my add. Trev


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