Selling: Ski Socks Advanced Textiles 40% easier to enter/exit any boot

Location: San Jose, California, United States
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Product Type: Accessories
Price: $7 - $35 or best offer

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Hi, We’re a small boutique-like company that can deliver on a large scale, and we’ll always be that way but we can deliver a quality product. We’ve created a MULT-WEAR advanced textile boot sock for the outdoors~ so there’s no need to change socks between activities. It restores blood flow to the feet during skiing. They last longer and maintain their shape after numerous washes. The 3-in-1 sock has a proprietary weave and yarn construction. And it’s the construction that speeds up recovery after work or exercise. This sock is not waterproof but, with our heavy wool you can stand in cold water for hours and be fine. Another option is to wear the medium wool or synthetic sock as a boot liner. Here’s how it’s different: Built-in moisture management and breathability will keep your feet dry All-Natural anti-bacterial protection. Wool keeps feet warm Synthetic is thermo-regulating and it keeps feel cool in the summer and warm in the cold weather Low friction zones that reduce blisters. A rare gem for you – put on or take off the tightest boot or shoe with ease. The sock has a seamless and contoured shape that form fits the foot. It has been tested by the Navy, Army, hikers, hunters, fishermen (our initial tests with fisherman was very successful), skiers and more. We also have compression socks which are very popular with fireman, police etc. We have completed our advanced textile multi-dimensional sock, but we made a very limited run of 1,000 units. I have setup a discount so that you can try them out. Give us feedback. Use the following link for a discount for a 20% discount for the New Schoolers Community I’ll answer any questions you have. We’ve also got a contest going on on the homepage to win prizes on our home page: We're posting this because our product is designed for a specific group of people. And this post is posted with the intention of making people aware of our product.


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