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Welcome to the summer edition of our famous movie NEIGE. As before we have compiled the most important aspects of our busy summer. We are now looking for cereal sponsors and have our eye on a few KEY ones. If you know anyone from the Company Malt O Meal please help us out and get our videos to them.

Here are the discussion questions:

1. Heck does IL FAIT CHAUD mean and why does it sound like CHODE?

2. Did we ski at any point in the video? (multiple choice)
a) No
b) Yea main
c) a and b
d) c

3. Why can the dude do flips on the ground not on skis and laughs like a figgin dolphin?

4. How many hours of our lives have we wasted making these edits to make your miserable lives better?

See you in NEIGE 2: Mountain Dewds

Summer East Coast


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