Offers Ep 1 by Offers
Feb 22nd - 632 views
We offer you a skiing collaboration featuring the riding of Christian Kinnison, Jazz Vitale, and Ian Hamilton. The Revision boys descended on Alta at the start of the winter to get their fill of Pow during what would turn out to be the snowiest December in years. It stormed all the way through the holidays and we took full advantage of the deep and stable early season snowpack, hitting features that normally aren’t open until February. Little Cottonwood Canyon locals Christian and Jazz led the way to all the best classic Alta zones and we all got our legs back under us. Soft early season landings forgave our rustiness and more and more tricks were landed. For Freeskiers, Alta is a paradise; Steep Terrain, littered with jump transitions, tons of champagne powder snow, and a relaxed vibe to top it off. Cheers to skiing with your friends!
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video Schoolyard #skieverywhere
Schoolyard #skieverywhere by Juho@Kilkki
Feb 22nd - 13.2K views
The schoolyard is across the street from our home. It is completely flat and not designed for skiing. Yet it has lights, obstacles and some hard snow. With a pair of quick feet and an open mind it's a playground full of possibilities.
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video Scott skis really fast
Scott skis really fast by tcrandall7
Feb 21st - 9.4K views
In case you don't follow @nellygramz on insta... a February day at Keystone. Never too late folks. SKIER: Scott Nelson MUSIC: who needs it
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video ON3P x Creation Nation 2.0
ON3P x Creation Nation 2.0 by Newschoolers
Feb 21st - 6.8K views
ON3P Creation Nation 2.0. The 2nd Annual Creation Nation event held last April 13-17, 2016. Set phasers to swerve. Stay tuned for info about this year.
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Feb 21st - 481 views
Xgames!!!! Riders: Max Moffatt Tom Nelner Matt Wilcox Colin Bridger Adam Fiselier Taylor Wilson Connor Wilson