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Tyrol Tuesdays Vol. 15 by Unaffiliated
Apr 25th - 4.2K views
Huge thanks to Josh Faber, Jared Hochmuth, and Zach Nutt for this volume in particular. The setup wouldn't have been possible without these guys! Another big thanks to all of the staff at Tyrol Basin for making yet another amazing season! Can't wait to get back at it next season! Until then, enjoy this and the other volumes to get you stoked for whats to come. -Filmed by Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, Ryan Ruffing, John Arendt, and Jared Hochmuth. -Edited by Alex Havey -Riders: Conner Ross, Jon Fox, John Knopf, Patrick Ring, Drew Patton, Paul Marik, Chris Johnson, Brad Wolff
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video Baltic Ski
Baltic Ski by Goodcompanyski
Apr 24th - 7.3K views
Tom Wallisch and the Good Company crew explore Finland and Sweden. They rely on public transportation and their creativity to turn the city into an urban ski playground
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video Pebbles Donut
Pebbles Donut by pastajah
Apr 24th - 557 views
Short partial recap of my season, headed to hood soon. Lets see what happens there. I want to personally thank Jay Volak at ON3P for supporting me, Ben Sandoval at Twenty3twenty Outerwear for my gear, and Chris Haslock at Team Park City United, as well as all the other coaches for helping me along this journey.
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video One run in La Balme - Pancras & Ferreira
One run in La Balme - Pancras & Ferreira by panpan
Apr 25th - 2.4K views
La Balme is unreal these days and we tried our best to find a line to show you all how much fun is this part of La Clusaz. Hope you'll enjoy watching, mad respect to Alex Beaudoing for holding onto his skis while following us around with the gear :D
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video Pulling Me In : Funkmen Ender
Pulling Me In : Funkmen Ender by Condorobrien
Apr 25th - 330 views
Chris Weir(d) and I shredding key closing weekend and scraping out a day each towards the end of Breck with our trusty filmer jack benziger. (a few shots at key by Igor). Skiing is a big dance party #FUNKMEN. Special Thanks to JOW Creations for the Hoods. Song: Pulling Me In Artist: Phantoms Editing: Me
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SNAPPED by fbu
Apr 23rd - 1.8K views
All I have to say is thank you to bush parks for what one may call an ideal season. Impressive... bravo. So much respect for those guys. But listen, we put together a little video from the last couple of days. Watch it, enjoy it, give feedback. I don't know if this is the last video from this season but if it is, thank you for everything. Sorry this took so long to get up but it's here so enjoy it. Trying to eat but the price of these stakes is high.
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SPENCER BARLETT // 16/17 CHOP by ttelrab
Apr 25th - 180 views
First season getting out of Pennsylvania, was able to get some shots this spring and put this edit together. Shouts out to all the cufst boys, the old homies from PA and the new ones in CO. Stoked to stay healthy another season, it was my best one yet. Enjoy. Credit: Cullen McHale Charlie Turchetta Gunnar Gronowski Milan Formanek Shiro Hatori