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Detailed BB Code Help

Most text fields on Newschoolers allow you to format your post using BB Code. Every BB Code tag must have an opening and closing tag. These tags surround the text you want to format. Newschoolers supports several BB Code tags for Layout, Links, Images, Videos and Quotes.

  • BB Code Example
  • Standard Format Tags

  • Tags to position text or add emphasis.
  • [B]Bold[/B]
  • [I]Italic[/I]
  • [U]Underline[/U]
  • [CENTER]Center[/CENTER]
  • Links can be created simply by surrounding a URL with [URL]...[/URL]
  • [URL][/URL]
  • You can optionally specify the title by putting the URL inside the opening [URL] tag
  • [URL=]Google[/URL]
  • Images

  • You can display an image by surrounding the URL with [IMG]...[/IMG]
  • [IMG][/IMG]
  • The editor allows you to easily post images you've uploaded to Newschoolers.
    These images get embeded using their Newschoolers media ID.
  • [IMG]12345678[/IMG]
  • Videos

  • Newschoolers supports embeded videos from NS, YouTube, Vimeo, EpicTV and BrightCove.
    Click the "Share" link inside each player to get the Share URL (NOT Embed Code). Surround this URL with [VIDEO]...[/VIDEO]
  • Like pictures, the editor will embed videos using the Media ID.
  • [VIDEO]12345678[/VIDEO]
  • Quotes (Forums)

  • Quoting in the forum will generate a BB Tag that references the post and user being quoted.
  • [QUOTE=12345678:NoPoles]Text being quoted[/QUOTE]
    NoPolesText Being Quoted
  • Embed Social Posts

  • Twitter - Click on the date the tweet was sent (after the senders @ tag) to open the tweet on its own page. Copy the URL and wrap it with [EMBED] tags.
  • Instagram - Click on the date of the post (top right) to open the image on its own page. Copy the URL and wrap it with [EMBED] tags.
  • Spotify Playlist - Copy the Spotify URL and wrap it with [EMBED] tags.
  • Facebook - Click on the date of the post (below the poster) to open the post on its own page. Copy the URL and wrap it with [EMBED] tags.
  • Soundcloud - Copy the URL and wrap it with [EMBED] tags.
  • Nesting Tags

  • BB Codes can be nested, meaning tags can surround other tags. However tags must be balanced for your post to display correctly. Tags should be closed in the opposite order they were opened. This example is correct, notice the order in which the tags are closed is the reverse order in which they were opened:
  • [B]This [I][URL=]Link Title[/URL][/I] is bold. [/B]
    This Link Title is bold.
  • This is incorrect, the last opened tag is [URL], but the next close tag is [/I]. [URL] should be closed before the [I] tag.
  • [B]This [I][URL=]link[/I][/URL] is bold. [/B]