Trollhaugen : Human Being : Reckless - Ep 4, Vol 1 - 2016/17

published Feb 2017 - 9,244 views

There's this moment in the season. It doesn't occur on the same day each year. Or in the same month. You may not even realize when it happens. Then, seemingly suddenly, the comfort and confidence and crazy collide into the most amazing park maneuvers imaginable. The cobwebs are gone. The foundation is solid. It is the time of the reckless.

Fortunately, Troll's freeski filming maverick Nick Schoess was there to capture the tipping point.

Film: Nick Schoess
Additional Filming: Robbie Weides
Edit: Nick Schoess
Music: Preacher- Dead Poet Society, Guinesses- MF DOOM
Skiing: Matt Krohn, Kian Barrett, Ben Neeson, Courtney Osborn, Ken-Dozer, Sam Lobinsky, Mike Kennedy, David Duea, Matt Wunderlich, Ben Zins
Special Thanks: Dave Sutton, Trollhaugen, Robbie Weides, Troll Park Crew, J-LO, Valerie Weekes, The Stuga, Pinewskis Ski and Boardshop, Aaron Hunter, Cory Pinewski, THETRAINPARK, Newschoolers, Karl Bekkala, Midstate Camera Repair, Mom/Dad, and every single one of you out there with us.

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